• Autologus Bio Therapies - PRP/ PRF

    Harnes the power of your own Growth Factors

  • Autologous treatments

    Autologous treatments – platelet-rich plasma (PRP), platelet-rich fibrin( PRF) are blood-derived autologous materials obtained from the patient's own blood. They are platelet concentrates containing a series of growth factors that accelerate angiogenesis, i.e., the formation of new blood vessels and the creation of new cells.


    Blood platelets, which release platelet growth factors, are responsible for stimulating the processes of regeneration, healing, and reconstruction of damaged tissues. They activate mesenchymal stem cells, osteoblasts, fibroblasts, endothelial cells, and epidermal cells, and also stimulate collagen synthesis.


    Platelet-rich plasma introduced under the skin releases high concentrations of growth factors, which initiate and sustain tissue regeneration and reconstruction processes as a natural action of the body.


    Platelet-rich fibrin is a new generation platelet concentrate in the form of a three-dimensional structure. Thanks to it, blood platelets are stimulated longer to release growth factors and cytokines, and cause the migration of stem cells to the site of administration.

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    The human body has the ability for rapid regeneration and reconstruction. At the moment of tissue damage, natural healing mechanisms are activated via blood platelets. The substances contained in the platelets, called growth factors, influence a series of processes that make up the healing cascade and this is the mechanism thatis used i aesthetics today.

  • Treatments with platelet-rich plasma/platelet-rich fibrin (vampire lifting) are dedicated to patients:


    • looking for natural products for skin regeneration and rejuvenation
    • at risk of allergy
    • with issues such as stretch marks, cellulite, fresh scars
    • with hair loss problems
    • after laser therapy treatments as a natural dressingIndications for the procedurePRP platelet-rich plasma treatment
    • skin with slight tension, small wrinkles, and signs of fatigue, uneven color
    • skin requiring revitalization, lacking radiance
    • strong regeneration of several body areas simultaneously, e.g., face, neck, cleavage, and hands
    • rapid tissue regeneration and healing after laser treatments, hair transplants, and plastic surgeryI-PRF platelet-rich fibrin treatment
    • significant signs of skin aging, folds, grooves, crow's feet, deep wrinkles
    • sunken skin with tissue loss
    • filling and regeneration of acne scars
    • signs of aging around the eyes and lower eyelids

    Safety and Quality

    At Phoenix Biomedical Aesthetic Clinic, we care about the safety of our Patients. We use tested and certified companies that offer kits for obtaining plasma and platelet-rich fibrin:

    • Quality – each element of the kit has the necessary certificates for use in medicine
    • Sterility – each of the tubes and collection kits are packed separately.
    • Apyrogenicity – PRP in vivo samples and I-PRF in vivo tubes are apyrogenic, i.e., free of bacterial endotoxins and viruses.



    Treatments using PRP and I-PRF are used for natural skin rejuvenation and regeneration. As a result, it becomes better blood-supplied and moisturized, visibly younger and radiant. The effects of skin biostimulation with plasma and platelet-rich fibrin are visible after the first treatment (about 2-3 weeks after the procedure)

    • wrinkle smoothing
    • improvement of elasticity, tension, and skin density
    • skin revitalization, moisturizing, and restoring elasticity
    • smoothing and evening out skin tone
    • accelerated healing process after aesthetic medicine treatments, e.g., laser therapy
    • improved skin blood supply
    • collagen fiber remodeling
    • improvement in the appearance of the eye area, lightening of the shadows under the eyes

    For optimal skin regeneration, a series of MINIMUM 3 treatments every 3-4 weeks is recommended.

  • Plasma Therapy Price List


    Single Session

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    PRP Skin Bosster - Ideal option for skin regeneration, improvement in skin elasticity, glow, reduction of fine lines, hydration and nourishment

    Most Popular

    PRP Vampire Facial

    Single Session

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    PRP Skin Booster + Micronnedling - Ideal option for skin remodeling, improvement of elasticity, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, skin regeneration, glow, hydration and nourishment

    sPRF / iPRF

    Single Session

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    PRF Skin Booster - Ideal option for skin regeneration, reduction of deep wrinkles and skin folds as well as reduction of post acne scaring.