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    WITH FUSION OF THREE WAVELENGTHS - 755nm + 808nm +1064nm

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    Our cutting-edge laser provides painless and effective hair removal on skin phototypes I-IV. Fusion X laser emits 3 separate wavelengths simultaneously reaching hair follicles at different depths, making the hair removal a lot more effective than standard diode lasers that emit just 1 wavelength! Fusion X is A Medical CE approved device making it not only powerful, but also safe!

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    Laser hair removal is a advanced cosmetic procedure that efficiently eliminates unwanted hair by utilizing concentrated light beams. This safe and effective method targets hair follicles, directing controlled pulses of light onto the skin. The pigment in the hair follicles absorbs the light's energy, converting it into heat. This heat damages the follicles, impeding future hair growth without causing harm to the surrounding skin.


    Fusion X provides long lasting hair reduction results, thus saving our clients money and time in the long run as the waxing appointments become obsolete.


    Our CE- Medical Grade Laser's 3 wavelength system allows for phonomenal results and comfortable treatments. Each wavelength targets different depths and types of hair, making the treatment more versatile and effective for various skin tones and hair textures.


    The 755nm wavelength is ideal for targeting melanin in the hair follicle and is particularly effective for lighter and finer hairs. It works well for individuals with fair skin tones and provides excellent results on thin or fine hair.


    The 808nm wavelength has good penetration and is considered a versatile option for various skin types, effectively targeting medium-sized hair follicles. It’s effective for a wide range of hair colors and skin tones, making it a popular choice for many individuals seeking laser hair removal.


    The 1064nm wavelength penetrates deeper into the skin, making it suitable for darker skin tones and thicker, coarser hair. This wavelength is less absorbed by melanin, reducing the risk of pigmentation issues, and is effective for treating a broader range of hair types.


    Having these three wavelengths in a single laser hair removal device allows for comprehensive treatment across a spectrum of hair and skin types. It ensures better coverage, greater precision and more satisfactory results, Additionally, it reduces the risk of adverse effects, making the treatment safer and more efficient for a diverse clientele.

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