• Discover the power of AQUAGEN +

    Hydrogen infused Hydro Facial & Oxy Geneo pods

    Healthy radiant skin is what this facial is all about!


    AQUAgen+ Hydro facial uses the trongest hydrogen generator on the market to convert water rich in minerals to hydrogenated water that carrie positive charge. This binds dirt on the surfsce of the skin and in its pores and cleanses the skin from blackheads and imperfections.



    Due to its small molecular size, the hydrogen solution penetrates the skin cells and neutralises free radicals that are associated with skin aging. This is why a regular AQUAgen facial results in soft, younger looking skin for all our clients.



    As part of AQUAgen hydrofacial we also use osmotic water with a range of hydrogen healing solutions to suit your skin concern. We use the osmotic water as a carier of nutrients from external enviroment with high concentration of minerals to to the enviroment that may be lacking in minerals (your skin). This is why we can effectively target acne, dry skin, dehydrated skin, dull skintone, uneven skin texture and some pigmentation during AQUAgen+ facial.



    We complete the facial with radiofrequency to help your skin produce new collagen*. You will feel your skin become tighter, brighter with reduced wrinkles and improved facial conour.


    This is trully the 1 facial that does it all.


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  • AQUA geneo with oxy pods

    The age of non-invasive carboxytherapy is here!

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    AQUA geneo carboxytherapy is a red carpet treatment and the most comforting and satisfying facial you will ever have! It can form a standalone facial or be added on top of the AQUAgen Hydro Facial to maximise therapeutic results.


    AQUA Geneo is a 3in1 skincare treatment inspired by nature.


    It utilizes the biological mechanisms of the body, providing effects of rejuvenation, oxygenation, and skin brightening. The AQUAgeneo+ technology allows for simultaneous exfoliation (removal of dead skin cells from its surface), maximum skin oxygenation, and infusion of active revitalizing ingredients into the skin. Concurrent exfoliation with skin oxygenation also optimizes the absorbtion of products used a part of professional home care regimen


    Stages of the AQUAgeneo procedure:


    Oxygenation – the combination of a capsule made of sodium bicarbonate and citric acid with a specificaly selected serum for clients skin condition activates a chemical reaction known as the Bohr effect. As a result of the reaction, microbubbles containing carbon dioxide form on the skin surface. The affinity of hemoglobin to oxygen decreases, which which results in oxygen being released into the skin.


    Exfoliation – the microgranules released from the capsule cause the exfoliation of the stratum corneum and the removal of all impurities. The skin is smoothed and prepared for further care.


    Absorption – properly oxygenated and exfoliated skin is ready to absorb active substances contained in the oxypod, including hyaluronic acid, azelaic acid, kojic acid, and retinol.


    Who is it for? 


    The GeneO treatment is suitable for every skin type. It gives immediate effects of improving the appearance of the skin by evening out skin tone and restoring smoothness. It also effectively reduces fine wrinkles. The results are visible instantly, and do not require recovery. It is the right treatment for those who want to improve the complexion right before an important event. The treatment is personalised with specificaly selected oxypod/capsule cointaining a range of active ingredients and depends on unique skin requirements of the client.


  • AquaGen+ Pricelist

    AquaGen Platinum Hydro Facial......€149

    SkinCeuticals Ultimate Hydro Facial.........€189


    Aqua GENEO Carboxytherapy..........€89


    Geneo is available in following customised treatment programs:

    Geneo BALANCING: Congested Oily and Acne prone skin

    Geneo ILLUMINATING: Dull skin with uneven tone and pigmentation in need of brightening and rejuvenation

    Geneo REVIVE: Dry, mature skin with matt complexion and fine lines


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